Home Break-Ins In Surrey Are On The Rise, According To RCMP

Surrey break-ins

Home break-ins are on the rise in Surrey, as RCMP has seen that number nearly double since July.

While there were 13 reported incidents in July, RCMP reported that number rose to 26 in August and 24 break-ins in September.

Many of these incidents happened when residents were at home and between 7pm and 7am.

Having your home broken into is a very upsetting and personal event,” said Sgt. Rob Dalphond. “We want to equip residents with tips and prevention strategies, while we continue to target individuals who commit break and enters in the community.”

A majority of the Surrey break-ins had suspects using garage door openers stored in vehicles parked on the driveway.

“Once inside the garages, suspects were able to gain access to the home through unlocked doors or using spare keys stored within the garage,” stated the report.

Meanwhile, others involved suspects entering through open windows.

There are tips to prevent future break-ins, however. The report suggested keeping all garage doors locked and closed tightly.

It says not to leave garage door openers in the car and to install a deadbolt on the door from the garage into the house. Additionally, record serial numbers of any tools and valuables.

“A large percentage of property crime is opportunistic in nature,” states RCMP. “Thieves seek out the easiest target for break-ins such as open doors and windows, garage door openers, and unoccupied residences.”

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