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You Can Officially ‘Park Your Dog’ in a Smart Pod in Vancouver

PetParker Vancouver

Photo: submitted by Strategic Lift

PetParker has some exciting news for pet owners in Vancouver. They have just launched their first ‘dog parking’ pods in the city.

These smart dog houses provide a convenient solution for securing your furry friend while you run errands.

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In Vancouver, tethering dogs to a pole or bike rack is prohibited by city bylaws. This makes it challenging to bring your pet along while you run errands.

With PetParker stations, pets now have a secure, clean, and temperature-controlled space to wait, allowing their owners the freedom to run errands, shop, or grab a bite to eat.

The company has recently opened its first location at CF Pacific Centre (near the Robson/Granville entrance) and has plans to add around 30 more locations across the Vancouver area within the next two months. They are also taking public suggestions on where the next one should go.

PetParker Vancouver
Photo: submitted by Strategic Lift

About the PetParker Pods

The PetParker “smart pods” have ventilation, temperature control, and can accommodate an average-sized dog (2 ft x 2 ft x 4 ft).

They feature a camera accessible through the app, allowing owners to remotely monitor their pet. The pods are also consistently clean and monitor these pods to ensure pets’ well-being.

PetParker Vancouver
Photo: submitted by Strategic Lift

Businesses can rent PetParker’s “smart dog houses” on a subscription basis, and pet owners can access them for free via an app.

To register, dog owners must provide proof that their pets have vaccinations and are trained to use the bathroom outside.


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