Meeting The Rock in Vancouver is More Realistic Than You Think

The Rock

While most people think that it’s hard just to catch a glimpse of a celebrity, many think it is nearly impossible to meet them. So while there are lots of shows filming in Vancouver, fans aren’t always trying to locate their favourite actors.

While celebrity meet-and-greets are generally pretty unattainable, there is one striking exception this rule. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has met numerous fans while filming his latest project Skyscraper here in Vancouver.

If you are willing to wait for him near his sets after he’s done filming there’s a high likelihood that he’ll stop to say hi. Not only has he expressed his love for the city in a genuinely sweet video, but he has shown multiple videos of his meetings with Vancouver fans on Instagram.

The Rock Is Happy To Say Hello

Even after a long, 14 hour work day, Dwayne is happy to greet his adoring fans who were waiting for him in the rain. He remarks how he’s the luckiest person on the planet to have such amazing fans and is extremely grateful for their support.

Another occasion showed him in top, charming form. It was at UBC where a bunch of overjoyed fans were charmed as he greeted them and warmly welcomed their visit. One girl in the video even begins to cry as he held her.

Tears and all. Bottom line, I’m a grateful and lucky SOB to have the greatest fans on earth. Time is my most valued currency these days and I’m always on the go, so I appreciate these students (or anyone for that matter) taking time out of their busy lives to wait patiently for hours while I finished up our #SkyscraperMovie production on the campus of University of British Columbia. I just love my guy in the back of the group jumping up and down like he just slammed a Rock size amount of caffeine and tequila. Good to meet y’all. Keep working hard in school and don’t be like Uncle DJ and get placed on academic probation after his first semester in college. ***editors note: for the record, Uncle DJ bounced back and became Academic Captain two years later of our beloved Miami Hurricane football team. #UBCLuv #TheU 🙌🏾

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Prior to the latest appearances he posted a couple of Instagram videos where he met fans after a 16 hour long day. He pretends to be annoyed at having to meet the group but then graciously engages the adoring people and even held an adorable baby.

Another post shows him goofing around yet again, saying that he’s a hollywood jerk with no time for his fans. Evidently its all a farce, as he promptly rolls down the window and asks some fans if they’d like him to sing for them.

If you are a huge fan of The Rock it might be worth it to spend a bit of time waiting for the People’s Champ wrap up at set for the day. From what we can see, he doesn’t seem likely to deny his supporters.

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