This Iconic Vancouver Building Changes Colour With The Seasons

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Sylvia Hotel

While it may not be the fanciest hotel in Vancouver, it is certainly one of the most beautiful.

The sides of the building are covered with a lovely flourish of foliage, and it takes on exquisite orange, red, and yellow hues during the fall months. Passersby often stop to take snaps of the sweeping display, and the building makes multiple Instagram appearances during Autumn.

It’s starting to look like fall in Vancouver. I love this corner. #ExploreBC #VeryVancouver

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While this is definitely one of the best spots to see fall’s colourful leaves, there are multiple places in Metro Vancouver that offer some spectacular viewing.

Sylvia Hotel History

The Sylvia Hotel is considered a historical landmark in the Metro Vancouver. Built in 1912, the hotel was constructed for a gentleman by the name of Mr.Goldstein who had a daughter named Sylvia.


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Originally built as an apartment building, the building had major financial struggles during the depression and was converted into an apartment hotel in 1936.

The Sylvia Hotel opened Vancouver’s first cocktail bar in 1954, and it was the tallest building in West Vancouver until 1958. In addition, It’s considered a heritage building in the city, and has even inspired popular children’s books and folk songs.

Sylvia Hotel

Location: 1154 Gilford St, Vancouver

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