Jacob Tremblay Is Back In Town With A New Squad


JT is bringing squad back. 11-year-old Vancouver-born and Langley-raised Jacob Tremblay is starring in another movie in his hometown! He has previously filmed Wonder with Julia Roberts and Predator with Olivia Munn in Hollywood North. His breakout performance came in 2015’s Room with Brie Larson, for which he won Best Actor at the Canadian Screen Awards.

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This time around he’s leading the pack in Good Boys, an R-Rated comedy produced by fellow locals Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. More comedy juggernauts are on board with co-writers and co-directors Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, both known for The Office and Bad Teacher.

The Lower Mainland will double as the San Fernando Valley where the boys, facing teenhood, find them selves on a wild quest. The boys alongside Tremblay are Keith L. Williams from The Last Man on Earth and Brady Noon from Boardwalk Empire.

Molly Gordon known for playing Nicky in the gritty series Animal Kingdom and Midori Francis who played April in Ocean’s 8 also star in the Superbad-style comedy.

New digs …

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Good Boys started filming in town at the end of July and is scheduled for production through September 11. The release date is set for next summer on August 16, 2019. Deadline reported the budget for the playful comedy is in the $20 million (USD) range.

Good Boys 4 Life! 👊

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🍕party! #GoodBoysTheMovie #webothplayonly11oryounger

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Super Excited to be working for this guy!

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Fun in the sun! Dude your funny!@levelfurnishedliving @noonbrady05!

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Fun in today's rehearsal w Scott and @jacobtremblay. 📸@markasamuels #goodboys

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Jacob & Seth

The two Hollywood stars who both hail from Vancouver have a budding friendship:

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