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Inside Fawn Bluff Cove, A Beautiful 340-Acre Private Retreat In BC

Fawn Bluff Cove Real Estate

Photo Fawn Bluff

Fawn Bluff Cove. Where do we even begin?

This on-the-market private treat is truly breath-taking. Anything we say will more than likely under-sell it, so just get right to it.

Some numbers to get you started:

  • Price: $28,800,000
  • Lot Size: 340 acres
  • Buildings: 4
  • Interior: 12,955 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 11
  • Bathrooms: 6 (+2 Half-Bathrooms)

Usually for our Real Estate articles we say “Here’s a peak inside”, but this time it’ll have to be be inside, outside, and all around.

Fawn Bluff Cove

The Founder’s Lodge

  • Floor Space: 4,070 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 3 + Loft
  • Bathrooms: 3 + 2 Half-Bathrooms

Fawn Bluff Cove - Founders Lodge

Fawn Bluff Cove

Fawn Bluff Cove

The Founder’s Lodge, the main building, is designed like a world-class private retreat. It sports approximately 4,000 square-feet of indoor space to go with 3,000 square-feet of outdoor space.r

It also features a wide range of amenities, including but not limited to:

  • Classic post and beam timber frame construction with metal roof
  • Games room
  • Sub-zero integrated fridge
  • Viking oven
  • Wooden pool table
  • Entertainment unit with built-in sound system
  • Douglas Fir dining table
  • Stone fireplace
  • Hot tub
  • Security system with international monitoring

All in all, the Founder’s Lodge took a 25-person staff a total of 3 years to complete.

The Guest House

  • Floor Space: 2,889 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 6
  • Bathrooms: 4

Fawn Bluff Cove - Guest House

Fawn Bluff Cove

Fawn Bluff Cove

Overlooking Bute Inlet, the guest house is actually more of a guest lodge, since it can comfortably support 13 people. The guest house is also designed to be used for events, fit for small corporate groups, and is perfectly self-sufficient.

Its features include:

  • Wood frame construction
  • Custom mill-work kitchen
  • Wood stove
  • Covered outdoor decks
  • Freezer and cooler

The Hollywood Trailer

  • Floor Space: 302 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Kitchens: 1

Fawn Bluff Cove - Hollywood Trailer Hollywood Trailer Hollywood Trailer Hollywood Trailer

Straight from a California movie studio lot, the 1990’s “Hollywood Trailer” was permanently relocated to Fawn Bluff after the owner of Fawn Bluff Cove used it as a temporary home during the development of the Founder’s Lodge, and loved it.

The Lake Cottage

  • Floor Space: 694 square-feet
  • Bedrooms: 1 + Loft
  • Bathrooms: 1

Fawn Bluff Cove - Lake Cottage Lake Cottage Lake Cottage Lake Cottage Lake Cottage Fawn Bluff Cove - Lake Cottage Fawn Bluff Cove - Lake Cottage Lake Cottage

The Lake Cottage is a few minutes away from the Founder’s Lodge and is perched over Leask Lake. It’s great for fishing, and is constructed with exposed timber. The amenities:

  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Mudroom
  • Integrated sub-zero fridge
  • 4 Viking stoves
  • Hidden TV in custom-built wooden unit, with hydraulic lift
  • Steam shower
  • Floating dock

Fawn Bluff Cove

Fawn Bluff Cove Fawn Bluff Cove Fawn Bluff Cove Fawn Bluff Cove

Jaw-dropping, isn’t it? It looks like it something the Roy family from Succession would own. Yet, it somehow only costs $30 million, which is less than the most expensive condo in downtown Vancouver and makes the most expensive mansion look kind of quaint.

Fawn Bluff Cove is even more under-priced when you consider all the business possibilities. You could rent out some of the other buildings, charge for event use, get paid for allowing the lot to be used for filming, and much more.

Part of the price may be due to its location, as it’s deep in Northern British Columbia.

Fawn Bluff Cove

However, for those who can afford it, it’s small potatoes, and even considering the expenses of maintaining the place, it seems like it’s still great value.

Anyone wanna go halfsies?

All photos via Fawn Bluff.

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