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South Britannia Surf Park In B.C. Could Become The Whistler For Surfing

South Britannia Surf Park

Photo: South Britannia

Developers are proposing a South Britannia Surf Park for British Columbia and it’s truly one of a kind.

“Imagine a community where you can take a stroll on a beach in the morning, enjoy a craft beer after a surf in the afternoon, and then pick up groceries for dinner in the evening”, the official website said.

South Britannia Surf Park
Photo: South Britannia

The entire park and resort would span six acres, and also include the following:

  1. Wavegarden Surf Park
  2. Brewery
  3. Skatepark
  4. Pump Track
  5. Retail
  6. Community Retail
  7. Offices / Co-working Space
  8. Surf Hotel
  9. Transit Hub
  10. Clifftop Restaurant
  11. Work / Live Townhomes
  12. Townhomes
  13. Condos / Apartments
  14. Community Centre / School / Daycare
  15. Playfields
  16. Beach and Public Park
  17. Viewpoint / Suspension Bridge
  18. Boutique Hotel
  19. Cabin Resort
Britannia Beach
Photo: South Britannia


South Britannia Surf Park & Resort

What makes the proposed South Britannia Surf Park so unique, however, is the actual surf park.

It’s Canada’s first full-sized surf park that’s powered by Wavegarden technology, which can generate over 1,000 waves of customizable intensity each hour. Because of the ability to modulate the waves, the surf park is accessible to surfers of all levels.

Photo: South Britannia
Photo: South Britannia

The location proposed is the Britannia Beach area, between Vancouver and Whistler. The land it would sit on was historically a gravel pit, but developers are hoping to transform it into a “complete mixed-use community”, while also “restoring a natural landscape.”

The developers also hope to revitalize nearby Minaty Bay, turning it into one of two accessible beaches. They also expect to reinstate 31 acres of forests, and remediate 116 acres of brownfield land.

South Britannia Townhome
Photo: South Britannia

150 purpose-built homes are also expected to be built. All of them will be designed to exist in harmony with the surrounding natural landscape. Furthermore, over 630 permanent jobs will be created.

“We looked at the mountains, we looked at the ocean and asked ourselves ‘What would the perfect day look like for us?’ Then we planned it.”

Here’s hoping everything goes according to plan.

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