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Princess Louisa Inlet Saved From Deforestation Via Crowdfunded $3M

Princess Louisa Inlet

Photo: BC Parks Foundation

$3 million in crowdfunding has saved the Princess Louisa Inlet, often referred to as the “Yosemite of the North.”

Located in the Sunshine Coast, the Princess Louisa Inlet features a stunning 60 natural waterfalls, as well as acres and acres of forests.

And developers wanted to take it away from us.

Princess Louisa Inlet
Photo: BC Parks Foundation

In late-2018, the private owners of the land announced that they were putting it up for sale. According to the New York Times, the land amounted to “three plots of land strung along about three miles of the inlet’s southern coastline.”

Forestry companies and developers showed great interest, eyeing approximately 2,000-acres of the area for potential deforestation. This comes in a year where deforestation has been identified as a major cause of the fires that continue to devastate the Amazon Rainforest.

BC Parks Foundation
Photo: BC Parks Foundation

The British Columbia Parks Foundation immediately sprung to action, reaching an agreement with the owners to purchase the land. They just had to secure $3 million in funds.

So, in the following months, the foundation reached out to the public to help crowdfund the purchase.

In late August, through efforts from over a thousand students of a local school, philanthropists, and more, the $3 million was successfully raised.

“You did it”, the CEO and Board Chair announced last week. “We now move on to designating the land as a park or otherwise protecting it for future generations.”

It’s a beautiful win for beautiful British Columbia.

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