Hidden Between B.C. & Alberta Is A Beautiful & Relaxing Glacial-Blue Hot Pool

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Crazy Creek Resort

Ever come across a beautiful body of glacier-blue water and feel the urge to dive in?

At Crazy Creek Resort, you’ll find multiple pools just like this.

Some are icy-cold, but the best ones are steaming-hot.

Totaling approximately 2,000 square-feet, there’s plenty of water for you to swim, or just casually lounge, in.

Crazy Creek Resort

Photo: @britney_fox_ / Instagram

Crazy Creek Resort

Photo: @ddoomin88 / Instagram

The water for each of the hot pools is drawn from the base of the nearby Eagle Pass Mountain. Each pool is then geo-thermally heated until they’re surrounded by soothing clouds of steam.

In addition, the glacial-blue water is sulphur-free and mineral-rich.

The resort, out near Revelstoke, is also surrounded by forests, with several trails, campgrounds, and a suspension bridge all nearby.

The resort is open year-round, so you can dive into a cold pool this summer, then slip into a hot pool during snow-season.

Admission fees and day-passes vary depending on age, with the most expensive being the adult all-day pass for $19.50.

Crazy Creek Resort Hot and Cool Pools

Where: 6162 Trans-Canada Highway, Malakwa, BC Canada V0E 2J0

Admission: Admission fees from $7.50 to $12.50. All-Day passes from $13.50 to $19.50.

When: 9:00 am to 8:45 pm

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