The Coolest Playgrounds In Metro Vancouver Always Worth The Drive

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If you are looking for playdate ideas and want to check out some exciting playgrounds in Metro Vancouver, we have you covered.

All across the Lower Mainland and Tri-cities we are fortunate to have a number of playscapes that are guaranteed to spark adventure in your littles, or even in yourself. Fortunately, we didn’t have to look so hard.

Here are some of the best playgrounds in Metro Vancouver that you will want to check out.

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The Best Playgrounds in Metro Vancouver


vancouver playground

Photo: @lilahbility / Instagram

Some of the best playgrounds offer the best views, along with play structures. Slidey Slides in Hastings, as well as Creekside Park are ones that offer those mountain and landscape views that make it even more spectacular.

Other popular ones to check out include Mount Pleasant Park and also Granville Waterpark. Check out the full list of Vancouver’s top playgrounds here.


tri-cities playgrounds

Photo: Landscape Structures

Como Lake, Cottonwood Park, Rocky Point Park, Queenston Park… these are some of the most sought after playgrounds in the Tri-Cities (Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam and Port Moody). The beauty of these parks is the bright attraction and focus on climbing structures that make the drive worth it. In fact, all the parks have reviews that suggest little ones can play there for hours. Check out more of the Tri-Cities best playgrounds here.

New Westminster

New Westminster playgrounds

Photo: @theroyalndub / Instagram

The sun seems to shine down a lot on the Royal City or maybe it seems that way with the way the playgrounds gleam. New Westminster includes some of Metro Vancouver’s best playgrounds, some are new and some are just bright and cheery and spacious.

Ones worth checking out include: Sapperton Park, Queen’s Park and Pier Park, to name a few. Check out 7 other notable playgrounds in New Westminster here.


richmond playgrounds

Photo: Hapa Collaborative

Richmond has no shortage of entertaining and unique parks and playgrounds. In fact, some of the best nature centric playgrounds with large areas exist in Richmond. Some favourites for visitors and residents include: Terra Nova Rural Park, King George Park, Steveston Community Park, and even the MacArthurGlen playground.

A full round-up of Richmond playgrounds worth checking out can be found here.


Penzer Parkour Park

Photo: @braveandfreeadventures/Instagram

With a city that is developing plenty of new homes and facilities, comes some brand new playgrounds to check out. Penzer Parkour Park is one of those new and interestingly modern playgrounds that offers something for all ages. Others that are worth the drive include: Willoughby Community Centre and Williams Park, both of which have climbing structures you can notice from the car.

Check out all of Langley’s best playgrounds here.


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