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New Self-Serve 24hr Convenience Stores With No Employees Plans To Open In BC

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Photo: @aisle24market / Instagram

If you always opt for the self-serve aisle, this store is for you.

A 24-hour convenience store that is completely self-serve may soon be landing in B.C. That’s right, a store with no employees, open around the clock, and is fully stocked with all the goods you need.

A company called Aisle 24 has launched such stores in Toronto and plans to be expanding in B.C. next.

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Founded in 2015, the company launched their first store in Ontario. It is now expanding in to several neighbourhoods, including other provinces.

The entire self-serve process is managed by an app. The customer must download an app, create an account, and this will allow them entry into the store. It acts as a key to let you unlock the door and start your shopping experience.

Once in the store, there are security systems in place to control theft and track inventory. Remember, they know who is in the store based on the account.

Digital tags are placed on every product, and updated electronically. Customers will pick up whatever you need like a traditional grocery store, and you pay for exactly as you would in a self-serve checkout at a store.


Aisle 24 stores carry average convenience store goods such as snack food, health products, baked goods, deli items, produce, frozen foods, some fresh foods, select household items and beverages.


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