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West Vancouver Removes Land Title Rules Banning “African & Asiatic” Home Owners

West Vancouver removes racist home owners rule

Photo: Rosa Maghsoudi / Flickr

It was a long-time coming, but West Vancouver finally removed land claims banning “African and Asiatic” home owners.

The ruling, set many decades ago, said “No person of the African or Asiatic race, or of African or Asiatic descent, except servants of the occupier of the premises and residence…shall reside or be allowed to remain on the premises.”

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And while these rules have been void for a long time, West Vancouver Councillors know it’s time to banish them for good.

It was Councillor Marcus Wong who originally put the motion forward to the provincial government. They unanimously agreed. 

British Pacific Properties is the investor behind British Properties, who originally kept that ruling. They of course too, agreed with the decision.

“Some folks would tell me they would go to open houses in West Vancouver, and while the sales reps were very friendly and let them in, they would be gently reminded that there were neighbourhood rules, and I quote, ‘that they had to remember before they left the house,'” Wong told CBC.

This ruling is similar to others across Canada, which the Council is urging the government to look into.

Since 1978, the Land Title and Survey Authority has made it so landowners could remove the clauses for free.

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