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“You Are The Problem”: Victoria Drivers Given Tickets By Climate Activists

Victoria notes left on car

Photo: DDOT DC / Flickr

Victoria drivers woke up Sunday morning to aggressive notes on their car, telling them, “you are the problem.”

The notes left in Oak Bay, Fairfield, and Rockland neighbourhoods were seemingly left by climate activists.

“While thousands of us are on board, walking or riding bikes to work every day in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint, you have clearly missed the memo or don’t care,” the note reads.

The notes got more aggressive, as it suggested passing a message onto their loved ones.

“I suggest you tell them to their face that you hate them,” it read. “After all, you are helping to deprive them of food security and biodiversity, among other critical things.”

Fairfield resident Leslie Wilson’s husband was one of the note-receivers.

“I was kind of amazed to read it, it’s pretty judgmental,” she said to Victoria News. “They have no idea what our lives are like or anything about us.”

The note-leaver is not yet known.

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