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5 Surprising BC Traffic Tickets You Probably Didn’t Know About

Traffic Tickets / Distracted Drivers

While there are numerous fines one can get on the road, there are few traffic tickets that come as a surprise to many people.

For example, most people know that texting and driving will land them with a penalty for distracted driving; however, not everyone realizes that distracted driving covers a much broader range of penalties than simply checking your phone.

5 Surprising Traffic Tickets

Pets On Your Lap

Of course, there is no law against driving with an animal in one’s vehicle, but RCMP are cracking down all types of distracted driving. And, while having an animal in the passenger’s seat may seem alright, that pet could still distract a driver. For example, if it hops up and obstructs the driver’s view, then the driver lands a $109 fine and 3 points.

Next, there is a penalty called “Driving without due care,” and it lands you with a much stiffer fine than the one for even distracted driving.

Specifically, distracted driving comes with a $167 fine and a 3 demerit point penalty; driving without due care results in a $368 fine and a 6 demerit point penalty – all of which could apply to this behaviour.

Walking When A Crosswalk Sign Is Red

Although this penalties on the road usually occur behind the wheel, a person need only be walking on the street to incur a fine. In this instance, one need only walk a bit too soon in a crosswalk, or when not permitted, to incur a fine. Not only can a pedestrian get fined for this, but they’ll get slapped with a hefty $109.

Snacking While Driving

Are you thinking of scarfing down a slice of pizza at a red light? Or, are you brave enough to slurp hot coffee on route to work in the working? You may be in for a rude, $368 awakening.

According to BC Driving Lawyers, “As a driver, you have a responsibility to ensure that you are exercising all the care and attention necessary to be a safe road user. Case law has stated that driving without due care and attention focuses on the manner in which a vehicle is operated.” As a result, those who prioritize snacking over safe driving may pay a steep fine.

Driving with 2 Earbuds

Many people keep both earbuds in while chatting or listening to music behind the wheel, and they are still able to hear some background noise; however, police warn that you don’t have adequate noise awareness in doing so.

If you must have earbuds in while you drive, RCMP advise driving with one earbud in and one out. If you don’t, RCMP may slap you with a $368 fine and 4 demerit points.

$2000 Fines for Double Offences

ICBC / traffic ticket

Most people are aware that distracted driving lands them with a stiff penalty. With that being said, not everyone is aware of how much they’ll get dinged for making the same mistake twice.

Specifically, a driver caught twice in a three year period will receive up to $2,000 in fines as well as points. Not only will repeat offenders incur this enormous fine, but additional offences could mean a revoked license. They may not be able to drive for 3 months up to year.

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