You Can Get Fined A Whopping $368 For Snacking While You Drive In BC


While it may be tempting to scarf down that bagel while you are waiting at a redlight, RCMP warn that you may pay a pretty penny to do so.

On September 12th, RCMP Traffic used their “ticket Tuesday” hashtag to tweet about a larger, possibly lesser known fine.

“Driving without due care” may seem like an ambiguous term, and it covers a great deal of territory; however, police warn that even the simple act of snacking can fall under this umbrella.

According to BC Driving Lawyers, “As a driver, you have a responsibility to ensure that you are exercising all the care and attention necessary to be a safe road user. Case law has stated that driving without due care and attention focuses on the manner in which a vehicle is operated.”


Fined For Food And More

In the tweet they chose to highlight soup, as it is obviously one of poorer foods to attempt to manage while behind the wheel. But, it should be noted that there are myriad foods that may put you out a large sum of money – $368 to be exact. Not only that, but you’ll also get dinged 6 demerit points – yikes!

While the usual fines usually fall around $368, major penalties can soar to a staggering $2000.

On August 15th the RCMP tweeted about another, lesser known traffic fine. While most people are aware that there’s a fine associated for not wearing a seatbelt, many are unaware that simply wearing one improperly comes with a hefty penalty. If you’re pulled over and police determine that you aren’t properly strapped in, you’ll get dinged with a $167 fine.

It’s safe to say it’s always pay to exercise due diligence while driving, and probably best to eat your meals before or after your commute.

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