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You Can Get Fined A Hefty $368 For Driving With Two Earbuds In BC

Fined For Distracted Driving

While it may seem safer to chat with headphones than by holding a mobile phone while driving, you may get dinged with a stiff penalty for doing so.

BC RCMP recently tweeted about the proper way to wear your headphones while driving, and it comes as a surprise to many drivers.


Most people keep both earbuds in while chatting or listening to music behind the wheel, and they are still able to hear some background noise; however, police warn that you don’t have adequate noise awareness in doing so.

Fine For Driving With Earbuds

If you are caught driving with both earbuds in you can get fined $368 and get awarded four demerit points – yikes!

If you must have earbuds in while you drive, RCMP advise driving with one earbud in and one out. While this may feel strange, it is the law.

The province has designated March as Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and for good reason. Accidents caused by distracted drivers, whether that is from eating, texting, or talking, cause one in every four accidents according to ICBC.

BC Driving Lawyers further elaborate that,  “A headset can be used if only one ear piece is worn and the phone is securely attached to either the vehicle or on a persons’ body (such as in their pocket).”

This regulation falls under The Motor Vehicle Act, Part 3.1 as driving while using an electronic device.

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