North Vancouver Woman Insists Bee Sting Caused Her To Crash Into Pole

Bee Sting

A North Vancouver woman claims that a bee sting caused her to lose control of her vehicle and crash into a pole on Tuesday, September 5th.

The woman was driving her Pontiac Sunfire on Capilano Road and was at Mt.Crown Road when she drove onto the sidewalk and smashed into a telephone pole.

Bee Sting Charges

She’s been issued a $196 ticket and six demerit points. RCMP note that the long skid marks left by her vehicle indicate that she was surpassing the speed limit at the time of the crash.


She was charged with the Driving Without Consideration.

RCMP have found no evidence of a bee sting or of a bee in the vehicle.

Luckily, there were no pedestrians harmed at the time of the crash.

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