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Bear Punched In Face After Breaking And Entering Into BC Home

bear punched

Photo: Sunshine Coast RCMP

A renegade Bruin terrorized a family on the Sunshine Coast this weekend.

On Saturday, August 19th, at sometime around 5.30 pm, a 250-pound, adult male black bear broke into the home of a mortified family in Gibsons, BC.

Elery Froude was with her two sons when the intruder burst into their residence. It was her toddler, a two-and-a-half year old boy, who first discovered the bear. He shouted “mom look” as the bear began to trespass through a sliding glass door.

Bear Punched In Face After Frightful Standoff

According to CTV News, the mother locked herself and her two young children into a bedroom as a family friend yelled, banged pots and chairs in order to scare the bear away.


The bear roamed the premises and showed no signs of wanting to leave; however, the neighbour continued to push the animal.

Eventually, the bear was forced into the area by the door it originally came through. In one final brave effort, the neighbour punched the massive trespasser in the nose.

The animal retreated after that punch, but did not leave the area. It had to be chased by mounties and continued to loiter around the home.

Due to its extremely aggressive nature, a decision was made to put the bear down.

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