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Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunt Banned In British Columbia After This Season

The NDP government moved to ban the hunting of grizzly bears for trophies on Monday, August 14th across all of British Columbia.

The movement comes after tremendous public outcry over the practice that most feel is outdated and cruel.

Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunt

Hunters will still be able to hunt bears for meat; however, they will not be able to keep the pelt, paws or the head of the bear.

The Great Bear Rainforest is one exception to this ban. No one is authorized to hunt bears for any reason in this protected area.


While many say the movement is a step in the right direction, enforcing the ban seems impossible.

Global News quoted Ian MacAllister from Pacific Wild as saying that, “There’s clearly no way to enforce this. The only way they’d be able to do that is to video-monitor a hunter as they ate their grizzly bear dinner, to see if they did in fact consume the meat.”

The ban is set to begin on November 30th, 2017, but many feel the date is not soon enough. The ban commences right after this year’s hunting season ends.

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