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Surrey And Squamish Are Top Candidates For $150 Million Dollar Waterpark & Hotel


Plans for an incredible, $150 million dollar waterpark with adjacent 400 room hotel have been in South Surrey’s plans for a while; however, those plans are not set in stone.

The Jim Pattison Group is developing a project for a Great Bear Lodge resort and they are unsure whether Surrey is the ideal choice.

The development group announced that Squamish is an alternative candidate for the park’s location, but there are some logistical issues with that selection as well.

Waterpark & Hotel Locations

Squamish already has trouble filling jobs and the demand for work would be steep. The resort alone would double the number of available hotel rooms in Squamish.


Regardless, Jim Pattison Group has not determined whether Surrey or Squamish would make an ideal fit. In addition, the group states that they are still considering other locations throughout British Columbia.

The Province spoke with Acting Mayor Doug Race who told them that, “They made it very clear this would not be a place you could drop the kids off for an hour to swim. They operate on a cruise-ship model where they get their guests in and keep them there spending money.”

Wherever the resort ends up, it will add hundreds of new jobs to the province and a great deal of revenue.

The Great Bear Lodge hotel and waterpark in Niagara Falls, Ontario is an extremely popular tourist destination.

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