Visiting This Natural Infinity Pool In Squamish Should Be On Your Bucket List

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Are you constantly in search of magical places that satisfy the overwhelming sense of wanderlust you possess? You won’t have to travel too far to witness the beauty of this natural infinity pool in Squamish.

The secluded infinity pool can be discovered along the hiking trail to Echo Lake, but in order to physically get to it you must rappel down to it.


It may be difficult to get to, but that’s what gives it its magic and exclusivity.

If you’re adventurous (and experienced) enough to safely rappel down to the infinity pool, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the Sheriffs Badge on the Squamish Chief.

Natural infinity pools along the trail in Squamish, BC from @pebbleshoo.

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Even if you don’t want rappel down, just seeing this place from above is well worth the hike. It demonstrates natural beauty at its finest. Therefore, it’s the perfect addition to your bucket list.

For more information on rappelling and the natural infinity pool in Squamish, click here.

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Squamish Natural Infinity Pool

Location: Echo Lake, Squamish

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