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Hidden Gem: The Super Secret Natural Infinity Pool Just Outside Of Vancouver

natural infinity pool

Photo: Pebbleshoo / Facebook

In BC, there’s always a new hidden gem to discover. That’s what makes our province so magical. This natural infinity pool nestled in Squamish may just be one of the most serene places you’ve ever seen.

You can find this secret spot on a hike to Echo Lake, which is just across the mouth of the Squamish River. The 10 KM trek takes about 5-hours, but soak up all the beauty there is to see along the journey—like this natural infinity pool.

While you can see the infinity pool from above—you cannot physically reach it unless you rappel down to it.

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But it’s totally worth the hike just seeing it below you. The rugged granite separates just enough to give an incredible view across the Valley at the Stawamus Chief. The water pools down naturally; although it looks like an intentionally crafted infinity pool.

Experienced mountaineers who can safely rappel down will be rewarded with a closer look of the pool and views of the Sheriff’s Badge on the Chief off in the distance.

natural infinity pool
Photo: BC Canyoneers

According to the BC Canyoneers website, the infinity pool rappel is anchored off of two bolts on the right wall and it is a 42-feet drop.

At just an hour away from Vancouver, this spot needs to be on your bucket list. With that in mind, remember to treat the outdoors with love. Help keep BC’s gems pristine by leaving them exactly as you found them.

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Natural Infinity Pool

Where: Viewable from above during the hike to Echo Lake in Squamish. In order to physically access it, you must rappel down which can be extremely dangerous.


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