This Heart Shaped Lake On A BC Mountain Should Be On Every Couple’s Bucket List

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Pinecone Burke Provincial Park

There are a multitude of stunning bodies of water in British Columbia; however, this incredible heart shaped lake in Pinecone Burke Provincial Park (west side of Pitt Lake) is completely unique.

For one, it truly has a heart shape. There’s no need to use your imagination with this beautifully shaped body of water.

Indeed, from an ariel perspective, the dense forest surrounding the lake further accentuates the heart’s outline.

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Pinecone Burke Provincial Park

While the heart-shaped lake is amazing, it’s not as easily accessible as your average lake. Unless you have access to a helicopter, you’re in for a trek.

If you decide to visit, Pinecone Burke is situated next to one of the largest parks in the province – Golden Ears. The neighbouring park boasts Alouette Lake, for example, which is an ideal spot for swimming, windsurfing, water-skiing, canoeing, boating and fishing.

In addition, the surrounding area has numerous trails that are perfect for hiking and horseback riding.

If you’re looking for transportation to visit the stunning area, Parkbus is offering a unique service that provides residents of the city with access to some of the province’s most iconic outdoor playgrounds.

The service operates from downtown Vancouver to the Golden Ears Provincial Park every Saturday and Sunday, commencing on July 7th and ending on September 2nd, completely free of charge; however, space will be limited. This complimentary service won’t get you to the heart-shaped lake in Pinecone Burke Provincial Park, but it will certainly get you close and provide access to the wilderness area within Golden Ears.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article stated the lake’s location was within Golden Ears Provincial Park. Upon further research, it’s been updated for accuracy. The location is Pinecone Burke Provincial Park.

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