The Stunning Oceanside BC Beaches You Need To Hit Up This Summer

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There are many activities to enjoy during the when the weather gets warmer; however, there’s no better time to enjoy BC beaches than during the hot summer months.

Indeed, British Columbia is home to some of the most spectacular geography on the planet. From tumbling waterfalls to soaring mountain ranges, the province is a feast for the eyes. With that being said, there’s nothing better than kicking back on a beautiful beach, and soaking in some rays while watching the waves lap gently onto the shore.

So, if you’re looking to enjoy some time on a beach this summer, we’ve compiled a handy list of the best ones to check out.

Stunning BC Beaches

Long Beach, Tofino

Tofino Surfing Accident / BC beaches

Photo: Ruth Hartnup / Flickr

There are a plethora of beautiful beaches in BC; however, this one is truly special. For one, it is a surfers paradise. With rocky outcrops, crashing waves topped with whitecaps, and white sand all around, it is truly a magical place.

Nearby, the famous viewing lodges in Tofino grant visitors the opportunity to storm watch. There are many places in the world to do so. Furthermore, the area is especially tempestuous, and therefore beguiling to observe. Tofino’s world-class hotel, The Wickaninnish Inn, is the perfect place to take in mother nature in all her ravenous fury.

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Wreck Beach

Sunset at Wreck Beach

Photo: Aaron Von Hagen / Flickr

While the view is spectacular, visitors should be aware that clothing is also optional at this Vancouver beach. With that in mind, there are parts that aren’t clothing optional, and the clothing-optional part is clearly marked. Swimming is quite popular here during summer months, and affords one of BC’s only legal places to skinny dip. It also comes alive with drum circles, dance parties, and much more!

Savary Island Beaches

savary island

Photo: sunshinecoastair / Instagram

Searching for warm waters in BC? Savary Island is the place to visit! With the warmest waters north of Mexico and white, sandy beaches, it’s hard to believe this slice of paradise exists so close to home. What’s more, this island boats a litany of beaches including: South Beach, Indian Point, South Side Bluffs, Mermaid Rock, and Duck Bay.

English Bay

summer / BC Beaches

photo: jadennyberg / 604 now flickr pool

It comes as little surprise that so many people feel that English Bay beach is a beautiful place to visit. After all, it landed The Guardian’s list of the top 50 beaches in the world as chosen by readers.

“By day, English Beach Bay sands are a mecca for families and volleyball players, but it really comes into its own at dusk. It’s then that Vancouverites stroll in to sit on the huge blanched logs that wash up here and gaze out at the sunsets, glass or guitar in hand,” it reads.

What’s more, English Bay is located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Amidst the hustle and bustle, this thriving oasis offers a serene escape. Furthermore, anyone who has caught one of its famous sunsets won’t soon forget the vibrant magic that ensues.

Mystic Beach

Oceanside swing, anyone? This Vancouver Island beach garnered mega social media attention by virtue of its statuesque rope swing that’s located right on it. Of course, the rest of Mystic Beach is nothing to scoff at. For one thing, there are huge, limestone cliffs rising high above the pebbled shores along the ocean. Waterfalls pierce the rock cliffs in glorious artistry, and miles of greenery run parallel to the shimmering Pacific Ocean.

Botanical Beach

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Located on Vancouver Island, Botanical Beach is nestled in Port Renfrew. The stunning ocean beach features lush trails as well as a rugged coastline. In addition, sandstone tidal pools swarm with marine life, including ruby red starfish, sea urchins and giant green anemones. It is a truly awe-inspiring retreat from everyday life.

Cape Scott

Cape Scott Provincial Park, located on northern Vancouver Island, offers plenty of wildlife throughout the trek along the beach. Notable mentions include deer, elk, black bears, cougars, sea otters, and even grey whales. What’s more, the spectacular beach grants visitors over 115 km of scenic coastline; however, many of its remote areas, while beautiful, are frequented by bears. As such, it is wise to come prepared for a wildlife encounter.

Tribune Bay

Hornby Island’s Tribune Bay is truly paradisiacal. Not only does this majestic beach resemble Hawaii, but it offers some of the most incredible diving on the West Coast. In addition, visitors and locals love boating around the island’s majestic coastline, soaking in the myriad beauty of the wilderness. Whether its kayaking, paddle-boarding, or simply a sight-seeing charter, there are numerous ways to enjoy this fairytale destination.

Kitsilano Beach

BC Beaches / Father's Day - There's A Free BBQ Bash At Kitsilano Beach Saturday, May 9


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Featured photo: Clayton Perry Photoworks

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