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Social Distancing Is Reducing The Number of Covid-19 Cases In B.C.

Wuhan Coronavirus First Case In British Columbia Canada

Photo: BC Centre For Disease Control

It turns out British Columbians’ efforts with social distancing is already making an impact.

B.C. health officials have said physical distancing restrictions is successfully slowing the number of cases in the province. But they also warn we are not out of the woods yet.

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“We think that we’ve reduced that quite dramatically,” said Dr. Bonnie Henry. “What we need, though, is for everybody to continue to pay attention to these measures so we can continue to prevent transmissions in our communities.”

The virus is being spread through human contact, which is why it’s important to keep at least six feet apart.

“Staying home is your way to serve,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said last week.

A report, released Friday, also said the province is “reasonably prepared” to handle the influx of patients.

Officials believe 17 hospitals across B.C. have enough capacity to meet the expected demand from COVID-19. If they aren’t, the province said there are additional centres being prepared to help with any overflow.

But a briefing said B.C. would be immediately overwhelmed if it reached an Italy-like scenario. On the other hand, the province said they should have enough ventilators to meet the coming demand. That’s even if B.C. were to reach an Italy-like scenario.

As of earlier this week, 28% of B.C.’s COVID-19 cases have recovered. But it is still important to continue social distancing and stay home whenever possible.

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