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RCMP Fine American Boaters For Breaking Quarantine Act on Canadian Waters

RCMP boat

Photo: @rcmpgrcpolice / Twitter

B.C. RCMP are issuing fines to U.S. boaters who are not following the Quarantine Act.

Part of the Canadian government’s plan, to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, is to restrict all non-essential travel into Canada. That rule is in place until at least August 21st.

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“It was clear the persons on this vessel had misstated their intention to travel to Alaska and had entered Canada for the purposes of tourism,” stated the RCMP news release. “Boaters are not allowed within Canadian territorial or boundary waters for discretionary, leisure (non-essential) reasons, including touring, sightseeing and pleasure fishing.”


RCMP most recently gave one boater a fine of $1,000 on July 10th. The second incident, on July 17th, involved a whale watching vessel. RCMP fined them both for the same offence, before sending them back to U.S. waters.

RCMP are warning U.S. boaters that breaking the Quarantine Act could come with big penalties. That includes seizing their vessels, criminal charges and future exclusion from Canadian waters.

B.C. premier John Horgan had previously addressed Americans using the “Alaska loophole.” Many crossing the border say they are heading to Alaska and are instead visiting B.C.

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