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Playland’s $9M Canada’s Fastest Launch Coaster Opens This July

new launch coaster

The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), owners of Playland Amusement Park will soon be opening Canada’s fastest launch coaster.

The $9 million ride is designed and built by Zamperla of Italy, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rides and attractions.

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The new linear synchronous motor (LSM) launch coaster will occupy the previous location of the retired Corkscrew Coaster. Construction began in 2023 and the opening is target for July, 2024.

new launch coaster
Photo: PNE

This is the largest single attraction investment made by Playland and signals a bright future for Playland.

The ride named ThunderVolt, features an opening tunnel, 18 metre first drop, airtime hills, helices and sweeping turns that make the experience unlike anything else in the country.

new launch coaster
Photo: PNE

Anticipated to be immediately embraced by Playland coaster enthusiasts due to its unique and thrilling ride experience, the new coaster combines the launch, airtime hills and diving drops to make for a fantastic experience. This coaster strikes that perfect balance between fun and thrill.


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“We are thrilled to be providing Canada’s fastest launch coaster to Playland at the Pacific National Exhibition,” said Zamperla CEO Antonio Zamperla. “Playland and Zamperla have a long partnership and their team started discussions with us over a year ago about their long-term planning and helping them grow the park’s offerings. This year we opened a Gryphon (called ‘Skybender’ at Playland), which was a huge success and allowed Playland to market the first ride of its type in the world.”

“The next project is the LSM Launch Coaster, which will be a perfect fit. It will complement the classic ‘Coaster’ and bring lots of activity to the corner of the park near the amphitheatre. We spent a lot of time talking with PNE about ride placement and ensuring that the experience will perfectly compliment the park’s current line-up of rides and attractions. In addition, it will be that attraction that takes thrills to the next level at Playland.”



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