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“The Beast” at Playland Malfunctions, Drenching Riders In Fear and Oil


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[Update: Aug. 27]

Following a malfunction earlier in the month that saw riders drenched in oil, “The Beast” has re-opened.

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“The Beast”, one of the most popular attractions at Playland, malfunctioned Monday afternoon, giving riders a scare and drenching them in oil.

Talking to CBC, Irene Morrison, whose son, nephew, and one of their friends, were on the ride, said the ride made a “horrible” sound while the three 11-year-old boys were on it.

“I knew instantly something was wrong, it was like a metal cracking, grinding. […] Everyone in the lineup was in a panic, jumping over the rails, everyone’s running” , she said.


Morrison says she then felt sprinkles of liquid and discovered that oil was raining down from the ride.

The Beast was shut off, and the riders quickly disembarked, covered in oil.

“We’re talking dripping, like they had a shower. But it was oil,” Morrison said.

Thankfully, nobody was injured.

“The Beast” at Playland

A spokesperson for Playland, Laura Ballance, confirmed that there was a mechanical issue involving a one of the ride’s parts.

She also noted that all of the park’s rides are equipped with safety features that can bring rides to a controlled stop, even if a mechanical issue occurs, and that the operations team at the time followed protocol correctly.

The oil that fell on the riders, she said, was non-toxic.


Playland has begun investigating just what went wrong, with the ride shut down until further notice.

The Beast is made by a Netherlands-based manufacturer called KMG, who made a similar ride for the Ohio State Fair that resulted in a teen’s death in 2017.

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