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You Might Have To Pay More Than Usual When Salons Reopen in B.C.


Photo: Jonathan Weiss / Unsplash

Soon, you’ll finally be able to trim your overgrown do at the salons, but it may cost extra.

B.C. hair salons now have the go-ahead to reopen, as the province lifts quarantine restrictions.

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But with reopening comes additional measures to protect customers and staff from COVID-19.


As the salon industry is not government regulated, it’s up to the individual business to decide how to open, while keeping safety measures in place.

That may mean having disposable robes, extra sanitization measures and restricting the number of customers.

“The cost of 99 per cent alcohol has gone out 200 per cent,” said Regal Grooming Lounge’s Jackie West to CTV News

So, all those extra measures cost money and may result in a COVID-19 fee for haircuts.

However, B.C. salons may still take some time to get these news measures in place, before opening – so sit tight.

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