Our Snowstorm Was Nothing Compared To The 90+ cm Newfoundland Just Got (VIDEOS)

Newfoundland Snowstorm

Vancouver faced a snowstorm last week that had us crawling back to bed, but it’s nothing compared to what Newfoundland has.

Our snowstorm caused delays and closures with highways, ferries and transit. But while we received just under 40 cm of snow last week, Newfoundland has gotten 93 cm in some parts.

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The amount varies from 31 cm in St. Lawrence area to 48 cm in Lethbridge. The areas with the most snow are Mount Pearl at 93 cm, Paradise at 91 and St. John’s East at 82 cm.

St. John’s International Airport got 76.2 cm of snow, which is the highest measured at the airport since 1942, when record-keeping began.

While Vancouverites chose not to leave their houses during our snowstorm, some Newfoundlanders literally can’t.

But some are managing to make the most out of being snowed in, by using it to ice their beers.

Environment Canada said there would also be extreme winds during the snowstorm in Newfoundland. The highest was 171 km/hour on Green Island off Fortune Bay.

As some Vancouverites skied down streets during our brief snow period, Newfies chose to snowboard.

Surprisingly though, the temperatures are not that cold. According to Environment Canada, temperatures are sitting between 0 and -6 degrees in St. John’s.

Regardless, let’s hope this clears out for our East Coast neighbours soon.

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