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Richmond Just Launched a One-Way Walking Route At Garry Point Park

garry point park

Photo: City of Richmond

The City of Richmond has implemented an interesting policy at their popular park in Steveston.

As Spring has sprung, many people across the lower mainland are heading outdoors to temporarily get out of the house during quarantine and get in some fresh air.

The problem? Too many people are socially gathering in popular areas and violating physical distancing rules – putting themselves and others at risk.

In Vancouver alone, Park Board rangers have issued over 1,400 physical distancing warnings since March 20.

While some municipalities have closed parking lots, banned vehicle traffic and closed off fields/facilities, none have gone as far as banning the public from entering parks. Despite the fact it hasn’t happened yet, it wouldn’t be surprising if it does in the near future.

In the meantime, the City of Richmond recently shared an approach they’re taking to facilitate physical distancing on the Garry Point Park trail.

One-way Walking Route

garry point park
Photo: City of Richmond


The move has garnered a lot of feedback online. For starters, many people are relieved that there will be some form of system.

Others however don’t think it’s enough given the amount of visitors the park attracts.

There’s also a strong group of people that are skeptical of enforcement.

While it’s too early to tell if the one-way walking route will make an impact, it’s a positive initiative as cities continue to manage large crowds in public amid the pandemic.

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