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Metro Vancouver Is Experiencing a Massive Spike in Mosquitoes

Photo: Hans Braxmeier / Pixabay

It’s time to make sure you have your repellent out, as Metro Vancouver is seeing its biggest spike in mosquitoes since 2011.

The spike in the pesky bugs mostly comes from the weather and the rising Fraser River.

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Shaun Calver, with Morrow Bioscience, explained to CTV News that mosquitoes lay eggs along the shore and new mosquitoes are hatched when rising water moves over dry land. This year the river has risen and receded three times, meaning even more bugs are created.


“I don’t think we’ve ever seen this,” said Calver to CTV News. “This is our third peak in the Fraser River and each peak has been higher than the next.”

People are reporting mosquitoes in places like downtown Vancouver and Burnaby, where they are seldom seen.

Vancouverites must also look out for murder hornets, which are known to rip bees apart and cause a painful and sometimes lethal sting to humans.

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