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Invasive Asian ‘Murder’ Hornets Are Set To Return To B.C.

Asian Giant Hornets

Photo: Ministry of Agriculture

If COVID-19 isn’t enough to keep you inside, then beware the Murder Hornets set to return to B.C. – as they’re not called that for nothing.

The Asian Great Hornets have been spotted across the Washington state and B.C. in recent months. They were dubbed Murder Hornets, as they rip bees apart and cause a painful and sometimes a lethal sting to humans.

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“Beekeepers in the states have reported scores of dead bees with their heads torn off,” The Weather Network reported.

B.C. officials first spotted the hornets in Nanaimo in August, 2019. And after seeing them again over winter, government officials warned the public the bugs would be back.

“These findings indicate a probability that nesting hornets are overwintering in the area,” the Ministry of Agriculture had said in a statement in March.

The hornets are more than two inches long with a yellow-orange face. The Ministry of Agriculture has warned residents who live between Surrey to Aldergrove to look out for them.

And if you see one, report it to the Invasive Species Council of B.C.

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