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Interview: Get Acquainted With The Arrangement’s Lexa Doig

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Photo Credit: JSquared Photography

Theatre production, modelling and commercials were just a foray into the world of acting for Lexa Doig.

The Vancouverite & Torontonian, is synonymous with sci-fi from her roles in shows like Andromeda, Stargate SG-1, Eureka, V and Continuum – all filmed locally. Now she plays the recurring role of Talia al Ghul on CW’s Arrow and Deann Anderson on E’s The Arrangement – also both filmed locally.


Photo Credit: JSquared Photography

How did you get into modelling as a teen and then shift into acting?

When I was 16, my aunt and uncle bought me a modeling course.  The course turned out to be kind of useless, but the instructor pulled me aside after class one day and gave the name of a reputable agency and told me to go there instead.  After filming a few commercials where I met other actors (which is what I really wanted to do), an actor friend of mine sent me to his talent agent and the rest is history.

Fun fact: Lexa Doig was a co-host on the Canadian game show Video & Arcade Top 10

When did you make the move to Vancouver from Toronto?

I moved out to Vancouver from Toronto in 2000 to do Andromeda.


What’s your greatest memory from starring in over 100 episodes of the locally filmed sci-fi hit Andromeda?

So many – but mostly meeting my husband and having my daughter.  I learned so much on that show and had a great time.

Fun fact: Lexa Doig started dating actor Michael Shanks after he guest starred on Andromeda. They got married in 2003 and have two children together.

Photo Credit: JSquared Photography

Having also starred in local sci-fi productions like Stargate SG-1 and Continuum, have you always been a sci-fi can?

I’ve been a sci-fi fan since I was a kid watching Star Trek, so I guess the answer to that would be yes!

Fun fact: Lexa Doig starred in Jason X (2001), which was the 10th installment in the Friday the 13th movie series.



What’s it like to be depicting the Hollywood industry in The Arrangement?

It’s a bit of a trip.  I haven’t really spent much time in Hollywood – I’ve been too busy working in Canada – so I can’t even verify if what we show on The Arrangement is accurate, but I have heard rumours that some of what we portray isn’t far from what actually happens there.

Fun fact: The Arrangement was renewed for a second season mid-way through airing its first season.


Does your character relate to you in real life?

Good lord no.  Deann is way more high functioning and accomplished than I am.  I’m much more chill than she is.

Fun fact: Lexa Doig is half-Filipino from her mom’s side while her father is Canadian with Scottish-Irish ancestry.

What do you do in Vancouver when you’re not working?

Schlepp my kids around to their activities and sleep whenever I can.  I also like to hike on occasion, there are some beautiful trails in West Van.


Advice for aspiring actors?

Do everything you can, whenever you can.  Seriously – don’t worry about your social media feed, just get out there and ACT.

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