Journalists Push Trudeau Campaign Bus After Bus Gets Stuck In BC Parking Lot

Justin Trudeau BC

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his campaign hit a snag this week while he was in BC campaigning.

No, we’re not talking about the brownface/blackface scandal, we’re talking about his campaign bus, which hit a literal snag.

While in BC campaigning Tuesday afternoon, a Justin Trudeau campaign bus got stuck in a Burnaby parking lot.

Now, it doesn’t appear that Trudeau himself was on the bus at the time, but nonetheless it rang like a scene straight out of political-satire series Veep.

The bus was filled with media members at the time, many of whom had to exit and help push the bus.

We’ll let you decipher the symbolism for yourself.

Furthermore, as Abigail Bimman of Global, who documented it all, alludes to, this actually is the second time a Trudeau campaign vehicle has had an incident in British Columbia. At least this time it wasn’t the campaign airplane.

While in Burnaby, Trudeau announced a 50% tax cut for companies working on zero-emission technologies. Later in the day, he attended a rally in Surrey.

It’s the first time Justin Trudeau was in BC since the brownface/blackface discovery that rocked his campaign. Trudeau is often in BC, taking photos with pedestrians that spot him, and has said that he views Vancouver as a second home.

As of Wednesday morning, Trudeau is currently campaigning in Delta. There have been no reports of his campaign bus hitting any more snags.

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