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Politicians, Commentators, and Trudeau Himself Respond To Brownface Incidents

Trudeau Brownface

Justin Trudeau and his campaign was dealt a huge blow Wednesday night after photographs of Trudeau in brownface were uncovered.

The incident was first reported by TIME, which obtained the photograph from Michael Adamson, a Vancouver businessman from the same West Point Grey Academy community Trudeau was a part of when he was teaching in Vancouver.

Politicians, pundits, and Trudeau himself scrambled to respond to the incident. Here’s what they had to say.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister

Jagmeet Singh, NDP Leader

Andrew Scheer, Conservative Party Leader

Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader

The Internet


Overnight, a second photo of Trudeau in brownface, from the same night, was uncovered.

And then, a third. Furthermore, this incident, a video, showed Trudeau in blackface.

The Internet


As of Thursday morning, #BrownFaceTrudeau, #BlackFaceTrudeau, and #TrudeauMustGo, or some version of all three, were all trending on Twitter.

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