InOrbis, An All-Tesla Ride-Hailing Service, Is Coming To B.C.

InOrbis British Columbia

Ride-hailing is coming in strong, as InOrbis joins the list of ride-hailing services coming to British Columbia.

InOrbis has a unique feature, however, that helps it stand out from other ride-hailing companies coming to British Columbia: Its fleet consists only of Teslas.

Teslas, as you probably know, are at the forefront of the electric vehicle movement, a movement that’s growing in Vancouver as much as any other province in Canada. They’re trendy, they’re cool, as well as environment-friendly, and this is what InOrbis believes will draw customers to them:

“You can choose between multiple all-electric vechicles. Whether it’s the sporty and stylish Model X SUV with it’s panoramic front window, or the ultra-cool Model S Sedan with its retracting door handles and 17″ vertical touch screen, or the brand new Tesla Model 3 with its sophisticated and subtle design, you’ll never be short on awesome features to check out when you ride with InOrbis.”

InOrbis’ drivers a professionally-certified, and the company provides several different kinds of services.

For regular in-city treks, you can book up to a month in advance, or even last minute.

Additionally, long journey services, including even multi-day trips, are also available, in the form of all-day chauffeur services.

The British Columbia Transportation Board began accepting applications from ride-hailing companies this week. Uber announced in late-August that it was coming to Vancouver, as did Lyft in early-August.

Now, InOrbis will join the fray, and it’s likely that more ride-hailing companies will follow suit. Fasten your seat-belts.

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