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Electric Vehicles Are More Popular In B.C. Than Any Other Part of Canada

Electric Vehicles

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According to a recent report, British Columbia has seen the biggest increase in sales of electric vehicles (EV) in the past year.

B.C. is often touted as a very environmentally-conscious province, and we now have some additional evidence to back it up.

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Sales of Electric Vehicles Are Growing Across Canada

The report was conducted by Electric Mobility Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting electric vehicle-use and electric mobility.

In Q1 of 2018, the three provinces that recorded the most EV sales were Ontario (2,633), Québec (2,446), and British Columbia (1,361).

Fast forward a year, and the provinces with the most EV sales in Q1 2019 were: Québec (3,814), British Columbia (2,718), and Ontario (1,219).


While Québec saw a larger total quantity of EV sales, British Columbia had the largest jump in growth, at 99.7%, indicating a tremendous surge in popularity.

Ontario, which saw the most EV sales in Q1 2018, was the only province across the nation to see a decrease in EV sales, with a -54.7% decline.

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Some provinces and territories saw a higher growth rate than British Columbia, but at a significantly lower quantity, such as Newfoundland, which went from 1 EV sale in Q1 2018 to 9 EV sales in Q1 2019.

Across the nation, EV sales saw an overall increase of 21.4%, from 6,607 overall EV sales in Q1 2018 to 8,025 in Q1 2019.

Additionally, the three car models that saw the most sales across Canada in Q1 2019 were:

  • Tesla Model 3 (1594)
  • Hyundai Kona (1163)
  • Mitsubishi Outlander (710)

Sales of electric vehicles, true zero-emission vehicles that are not to be confused with hybrid vehicles, take up an estimated 1.89% of total vehicle sales in Canada.

Electric Mobility Canada estimates that there are 101,116 electric vehicles currently on the road in Canada.

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