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How Many Noise Complaints Is Too Many? For One Burnaby Hookah Lounge, It’s 119

Burnaby Hookah Lounge

Photo: Pure Hookah Lounge / Facebook

A Burnaby hookah lounge will be unable to reopen its doors, after receiving more than 119 noise complaints that began in 2018.

Pure Hookah Lounge, located on Hastings Street, tried to appeal their business license cancellation, but the Burnaby mayor and city councillors denied its application.

The business was open until 4 a.m. most nights, featured a DJ and served liquor.

“A typical night would be probably starting around 11 o’clock,” a resident nearby told Burnaby Now. “There would be taxis upon taxis coming in, the street filling up with cars, people screaming on the street, drug dealing going on out front, people urinating on the sidewalks, in the field, on the building, puking everywhere, openly drinking, doing drugs and driving.”

Complaints on the business first began in April 2018 and continued throughout the year.

The following April, the city imposed new operating hours, requiring the lounge to close by 11 p.m. But complaints kept coming in, saying the lounge was disregarding this new rule.

However, the lounge’s lawyer, Dean Davison, said there’s no evidence the business violated the noise bylaw and that all complaints came from a small number of neighbours.

“They just want you to shut down this lounge so they can get a better sleep, and that’s not unreasonable – but that’s not the city’s duty,” said Davison.

Davison added the business owners are considering seeking a judicial review of the decision.

So now we know. 118 noise complaints are okay, but best beware to not get 119.

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