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The Hearty History Of Vancouver’s Humongous Hollow Tree

hollow tree

Photo: Flickr / phandcp

If the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park could talk, what do you think it would say?

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Vancouver, Heritage Vancouver states the Hollow Tree has existed in Vancouver for 1,000 years.

Makes you feel young in comparison, doesn’t it?

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The Hollow Tree

Stanley Park Van, an unofficial guide to Stanley Park, states, the stump of the Hollow tree has a circumference of about 60 feet and of course, its signature hollow centre.

Hollow Tree
Photo: History of Stanley Park Hollow Tree

The western red cedar (BC’s provincial tree), has had visits from elephants, poems have been written, about it, it has seen Olympics come and go and has even survived disasters that took out other trees.

Hollow tree
Photo: History of Stanley Park Hollow Tree

If you’ve seen The Hollow Tree, you’ve probably taken a photo in it.

People have even taken photos in it with their horse drawn carriages and cars.

hollow tree
Photo: History of Stanley Park Hollow Tree

Although the tree is dead, it is beloved by so many has been listed on the Vancouver Heritage Register as a cultural heritage resource.

hollow tree
Photo: History of Stanley Park Hollow Tree

In 2006, a huge windstorm caused extensive damage to Stanley Park. Although the Hollow Tree wasn’t knocked down completely like hundreds of others, it was damaged enough to lean at a dangerous angle.

Instead of tearing it down all together, the tree had a metal frame placed inside it to hold it up.

It’s also had a documentary made for it by Ramshackle Pictures, watch the trailer here:

The Hollow Tree has many stories to tell, we might not be able to hear them but we can pass them on with our photos.

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