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Raman Kang

abandoned town british columbia
Mar 1, 2021

The BC Town That Was Abandoned As Quickly As It Was Built

If a town has been abandoned with no one allowed entry, who cuts the grass? There are only a select few who are allowed inside the gates of Kitsa...

BC Storm / weather disasters
Feb 8, 2020

9 Of The Worst Weather Disasters In BC History

It’s true, we’ve experienced daffodils blooming in Vancouver, while many parts of the country were freezing. Even now, has Metro Vancouve...

hollow tree
Feb 28, 2019

The Hearty History Of Vancouver's Humongous Hollow Tree

If the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park could talk, what do you think it would say? One of the most famous tourist attractions in Vancouver, Heritage ...

warmer than usual spring
Feb 28, 2019

Vancouver Is Set For A Warmer Than Usual Spring

Remember when it was so cold there were chunks of ice floating in the Fraser River?  As February ends we can say goodbye to that winter weather...

Amanita phalloides mushroom / poisonous death cap mushroom
Feb 28, 2019

Poisonous Death Cap Mushrooms To Spread Throughout BC

Poisonous death cap mushrooms, the deadliest in the world, will be growing in BC in a few months. Doctors are now learning how to recognize the s...

Jagmeet Singh Celebrates
Feb 26, 2019

Jagmeet Singh Celebrates Burnaby Win By Rapping On The Dance Floor

It’s safe to say that Jagmeet Singh was really excited to win Monday’s byelection. The NDP leader won the riding in Burnaby South and earned ...

shoe sale
Feb 26, 2019

Payless Shoes Is Having The Largest Liquidation Sale In Retail History

After more than 62 years in business, Payless Shoes is shutting down, which means all of those shoes have to go somewhere. Prepare yourself for a...

Self-driverless shuttle
Feb 25, 2019

Self-Driving Shuttle Runs Into Some Problems In Vancouver

When The Electric Automation (ELA) brought the EZ10 Driverless Shuttle to Vancouver and Surrey for test rides, it sounded exciting. A driverless ...

Coal Harbour Condo / condo flippers
Feb 25, 2019

The BC Government Is Cracking Down On Condo Flippers

The British Columbia government is cracking down on tax evasion and bringing back transparency in BC’s real estate market. That means you, cond...

vancouver taxi uber / complaints about taxis
Feb 25, 2019

Complaints Against This Vancouver Cab Company Have Skyrocketed

If you’ve frequently relied on a local taxi before, it’s fair to assume you’ve had an unpleasant experience at least once.. Being refused a...

cellphone fees
Feb 22, 2019

Hate Your Phone Bill? Canadian Companies Launch New Low-Cost Phone Plans

Looking for a new, low-cost, phone plan? Just over a handful of companies have introduced new and cheaper plans. When you look at Canada vs the r...

Feb 22, 2019

A Look Back And Into The Future Of Vancouver's Iconic McBarge

You may not recognize the McBarge anymore, some of you may not even be old enough to remember it. At one point in time, it was a floating McDonal...