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This Century-Old Theatre May Be One of the Most Haunted Spots in Vancouver


Photo: Vancouver Civic Theatre / Facebook

The Orpheum Theatre, which is located down Granville Street, is surely one of the city’s great venues. Since opening in the late 1920′s, it has played host to a variety of shows, including live performances by famous entertainers like Jack Benny and Frank Sinatra.

Yet, this theater possesses a hidden history, one that often escapes public knowledge, marked by a tragic demise and other haunting presences within the venue.

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Acrobatic ghost who tragically died on stage

Photo: Vancouver Civic Theatre / Facebook

Within its dimly lit, time-worn walls, specters have made their presence known. Most chillingly, there are recurrent tales of a phantom figure taking the stage, casting a ghastly shadow over the boards where tragedy once unfolded.

Witnesses have also whispered of an eerie, luminous orb that hovers eerily near the stage, only to vanish without a trace.

The sinister tale whispers that this apparition is none other than the spirit of an acrobat who met a horrific, untimely end during a vaudeville act. Since that fateful night, the restless soul of this performer is believed to have wandered the Orpheum’s haunting corridors, forever entrapped within its haunted confines.

The attendant who never left

Photo: @rioxalyz / IG

Yet, the unsettling presence doesn’t end there. The men’s bathroom, a place frequently visited by theatergoers, has earned its eerie reputation.

It’s here that a ghostly figure is said to appear, eerily reminiscent of a long-lost attendant from a bygone era, casting an ominous aura that chills the hearts of those who dare to tread there.

A member of the Vancouver Civic Theatre Board once noted that the ghost’s presence became more aggressive after two members of a paranormal society visited, both of whom were women—an occurrence that seemed to rile the spirit.

Some enthusiasts also speculate that the lingering souls of the Orpheum Usherettes continue to inhabit the theater, adding an extra layer of intrigue to this iconic Vancouver landmark.

The applauding lady

Photo: Vancouver Civic Theatre / IG

The third ‘spirit’ that haunts the theater appears in the upper levels of the audience section.

A well-dressed, spectral lady is known to materialize, silently observes shows and rehearsals with an unwavering gaze. Then suddenly rising to bestow an eerie standing ovation upon an unseen performance, only to dissolve into thin air.

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