Eagle Captured & Entangled By Octopus In Vancouver Island (VIDEO)

Eagle vs Octopus

An eagle and octopus were caught on tape battling each other last week off the coast of northern Vancouver Island.

Staff members at a fish farm in Quatsino were working when they saw a bald eagle trapped within the octopus’s tentacles.

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The two were floating in the water when John Ilett and his coworkers saw and filmed the incident.

“They were grappling and struggling in the water,” Ilett told CBC“The thing dwarfed the eagle and completely wrapped it up.”

At first, the crew didn’t know what to do. But they eventually grabbed a pike pole and pulled the tentacles off from around the eagle.

The eagle quickly flew off as soon as it could, landing somewhere a little distance away. It stayed there for about 10 minutes before flying away.

The octopus dove under the water right after. Both animals went their separate ways.

“I’ve been out here for many years and I’ve seen a lot of stuff, but this ranks up there with one of the coolest for sure,” said Ilett.

This isn’t the first time Canadian nature has gotten feisty: two bears were caught brawling in the middle of a BC highway this fall. There was also footage of a moose getting salty in a B.C. man’s garage.

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