Only In Canada: Two Bears Go Mano-O-Mano In The Middle of a BC Road (VIDEO)

bears fighting in BC

Welcome to the Great White North. On Friday afternoon, a video was uploaded to Facebook that shows two bears fighting in BC.

Cari McGillivray says in the comments below the video that the incident occurred on the Stewart Cassiar Highway between Stewart and Meziadin Junction.

“Don’t normally post on here but thought I’d share this incredibly rare and amazing moment with all you guys of these grizzlies fighting!” reads her caption.

“Keep a sharp eye out for the little wolf that is observing them in the distance! 🥰🐻🐺”

The video begins with the bears growling at each other before the two animals stood on their back legs. Before you know it, the two bears are grappling on the highway.

At one point, one bear took down the other bear, while they wrestled on the grass on the side of the highway.

While this is all happening, a wolf in the distance is watching the whole thing happen.

As of Monday morning, the video of the two bears fighting in BC had been viewed nearly two million times.

You just never know when you’ll see a bear right in front of you.

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