Christmas Tree Thief Caught Stealing From B.C. Backyard (VIDEO)

B.C Christmas Trees are at a shortage

A B.C. woman was caught trying to steal a Christmas tree from someone’s backyard, and it was all caught on tape.

Chilliwack resident Rob Iezzie caught the theft via the surveillance camera in his yard, in B.C.’s Fraser Valley.

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It happened at about 2:30 am before an RCMP car stopped by and caught the woman red-handed.

The video shows a woman wrestling with a tree in the shrubs, before she pulls off a large branch from it.

“She literally took that thing down with her bare hands,” Iezzi said to CTV News.

The woman walks a few metres with the tree, before the RCMP officer approached her and put her in the back of the cruiser.

“There has been a lot of theft here in Chilliwack. A lot of people out here are getting their Christmas stuff stolen, from lights to decorations,” said Iezzi.

It isn’t certain, but Iezzi said he assumes the woman was looking for a new Christmas tree.

This woman isn’t the only tree thief, however. In Yellowknife, N.T. someone recently stole the mall Christmas tree in broad daylight. They ran out of the mall, leaving a trail of ornaments behind.

Another similar incident happened in Manitoba, where someone stole a cartload of Christmas trees. He then left the trees on people’s front yard.

This could be happening due to the Christmas tree shortage around B.C. and North America. Or maybe it’s just their annual tradition.

Although you can’t take it home for yourself, check out our very own giant Christmas Tree in downtown Vancouver.

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