Only In Canada; Moose On The Loose Getting Salty In B.C. Man’s Garage (VIDEO)


One of the most Canadian things to ever happen? Possibly.

A man from Prince George, Tab Baker, found a moose in his garage peacefully licking the salt off his truck – and was able to capture the scene on camera.

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He shared it to Facebook, and has since received over 163,000 views and 2522 shares.


There were several comments regarding the size of the animal, that the moose probably thought that it was an open house, and a person even stating that “Smithers had a moose in their Save On, had to bribe it out with an apple.”

While this particular animal intruder appeared to be younger, an adult male can weigh between 800 to 1000 pounds.

To reduce conflict with any moose, make sure you do not leave any type of food out on your property. If you feel a wild animal is getting too comfortable or causing any type of conflict, reach out to your local conservation officer at 1-877-952-7277.

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