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Distracted Driver in New Westminster Gets Caught Twice in 7 Minutes, Fined $736

New Westminster

Photo: @NWPDtraffic / Twitter

People, put down your phones!

Police are reminding motorists (again) to leave their phones alone after one driver in New Westminster received two tickets just minutes a part.

The motorist was first caught using their electronic device at 12:20 on Tuesday afternoon. Without any regard, the driver was caught a mere seven minutes later for the same offence.

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The New Westminster Police Department’s traffic unit posted a photo of both tickets on Twitter. They mentioned that the driver was dinged $736 and 8 points.

Stiffer fines for distracted driving came into place on March 1st. A driver caught twice in a three year period will receive up to $2,000 in fines as well as points.

This makes the new fine a staggering $750 more than the previous one.

However, some people still refuse to listen. On March 2nd, for example, a woman was caught in Burnaby for driving with two cell phones on her lap. In the following two hours, Burnaby RCMP handed out 35 distracted driving tickets.

Stay safe people!


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