Burnaby Driver Fined A Whopping $1,250 For Two Phones, No license, No Insurance

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A Burnaby driver was issued a total of three tickets by RCMP on Friday, March 2nd that totalled a whopping $1,250.

Originally pulled over for a broken headlight, the officer discovered that she also had two cellphones laying on her lap. What’s more, she did not have a license or insurance available for the officer, either.

The woman’s infractions were discovered just after 9 am on Friday, only moments after the officer finished setting up for patrol. Her car was subsequently impounded.

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Burnaby Driver and Distracted Driving Awareness Month

March is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and police across the province will be conducting intensified distracted driving enforcement.

“During a two-hour period on Deer Lake Parkway from 9 to 11 a.m., RCMP handed out 35 tickets for distracted driving, seatbelt and insurance violations,” reports the Burnaby Now.

Police across the Province are stepping up distracted driving enforcement. The fines for distracted driving (using electronic device = 4 points or driving without due care = 6 points) start at $368 and 4 penalty points for a minimum of $543 for the first offence, and the costs go up even more with each subsequent offence. In addition, insurance costs may be affected.

While these fines may shock some, there are a vast variety of penalties handed out every month. For example, eating while drivingdriving with a pet on your lap, or driving with two earbuds in all count as fineable offences.

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