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Concord Pacific Unveils Canada’s Highest Glass-Bottom Swimming Pool, In “The Arc”

Glass-Bottom Swimming Pool

Photo: Concord Pacific

Concord Pacific just unveiled a highly-anticipated feature of their new residential development, The Arc: a glass-bottom swimming pool.

This isn’t your average glass-bottom swimming pool, however. (Is there really such thing a thing?) This is the highest glass-bottom swimming pool in Canada.

The pool also doubles as a bridge between the two buildings of the Arc, one 28-storey and one 30-storey, connecting them on the 20th floor. That means when you jump down into the pool, it’ll look like it’s 19-floors (200-feet) deep, as opposed to 5-feet.

If that seems a bit scary to you, don’t worry. The floor the pool rests on, which also supports the homes above, supposedly carries a weight equivalent to 1650 cars.

The “glass-bottom” is also made of 6” acrylic that only three companies in the world can make.

The pool itself is 38′ x 9′, with lighting and a colourful ceiling that can be seen from ground-level.

Take a look:

The Arc Vancouver

Glass-Bottom Swimming Pool

Glass-Bottom Swimming Pool

The Arc Swimming Pool

Glass-Bottom Swimming Pool

The Arc

The Arc is located on 998 Expo Boulevard.

All photos via Concord Pacific.

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