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Closing Indoor Dining Seems to Have Had No Effect on Surging Cases in BC

Dr. Bonnie Henry responds to restaurants

Photo: Province of BC / Flickr

COVID-19 cases in B.C. have been climbing and breaking records recently.

Aiming to curb the rising counts, the government has been increasing restrictions in the past few weeks.  The announcement of indoor dining restrictions came on March 29th. Initially only until April 19th, but will reportedly be  extended into May,

Cases haven’t appeared to go down since the new restrictions. In fact, there have been higher numbers reported since that date. This alludes to the notion that existing restrictions may not be working.

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Let’s Take A Look At What Got Us Here

COVID Cases Numbers Leading Up to Restrictions:

  • Sunday, March 28: 793
  • Saturday, March 27: 830
  • Friday, March 26: 881
  • Thursday, March 25: 987

March 25th marked one of the highest case numbers in a day during the pandemic. It was after this report that restrictions were announced on March 29.

Numbers Following the Restrictions:

  • March 29: 782
  • March 30: 1021
  • March 31: 881
  • April 1: 1074
  • April 2: 1105
  • April 3: 1031
  • April 4: 916
  • April 5: 931
  • April 6: 1040

When it comes to the causes, there have been 3 cluster sites determined: restaurants, gyms, and industrial worksites, according to data by the government.

indoor dining
Photo: Government of BC
indoor dining clusters
Photo: Government of BC

All Time High Number of Cases:

Despite everything indoors being closed, we still recorded record-breaking cases in the past week alone.

  • April 7: 1322
  • April 8: 1226
  • April 9: 1320
  • April 10: 1064
  • April 11: 1050
  • April 12: 956
  • April 13: 986
  • April 14: 1137

Vaccinations have been ramping up with those in the 40s now being encouraged to register. One can hope that with the rollout, hopefully the restrictions to indoor dining and more will see some end.


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